Youth Models

Now that we understand what the new USA Bat Regulations mean…….. let’s take a look at the different models that may be best for the young superstar!


The Drop 5 Series is the perfect option for those who want to start swinging wood. At a full drop 5 length to weight ratio, they are all easy swinging bats. If you need a larger barrel but are not quite ready for a full size adult bat, these are the models for you.

A great transition bats from Little League. The Drop 5 series Sam Bats offer a larger barrel than the 2 1/4" Little League barrel size, at the same time as offering a manageable drop 5 weight.

These models come in 30", 31" and 32".

These bats are perfect for players in the 11-13 age range.

Sam Bat SAM-5

The SAM-5 was our original Drop 5 crafted by Scott on our team. Scott has designed bats for many of our pro players over the years. Our young players are achieving great success with this model. It boasts a classic rounded knob for extra control at the plate. This knob will be the most similar to metal bats, making it a smooth transition from metal to wood.


Sam Bat KB-5

The Sam Bat KB-5 is modeled after our most popular model, the KB1, a super balanced bat. The KB-5 has a very comfortable flared knob, common in a lot of wood bats. The knob will be different for players first swinging wood, but it won’t take long for them to realize why the flared knob is one of the most popular.


Sam Bat MC-5

Last but not least of the Drop 5 series is the Sam Bat MC-5, which takes its name from the record setting MC1 model used by Miguel Cabrera for the Triple Crown. The medium sized flare allows for a bit of a more balanced feel, while creating a lot of power through the zone.


Sam Bat LLCD1

You’re never too young to swing like a pro! SAM BAT offers the LLCD1, produced with the same great quality as all of our adult and professional bats.

The LLCD1 has a barrel of 2 ¼, making it an easy transition into the world of wood bats. Even though they are heavier than your typical metal bat, due to the design and balance, the transition is easier than you think!

We offer the LLCD1 in 26-31”.  Perfect for players in the 6-12 age range

Set your own Records with a SAM BAT!

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