What do the New USA Bat Regulations Mean For You?

The new USA Bat Regulations for youth players has caused some confusion when it comes to what is eligible and what is not.

Youth bats may now have up to a 2 5/8 barrel, up drastically from the 2 1/4 in previous years. However, the 2 5/8 is a max and the barrel can still be smaller.

When it comes to wood bats the regulations are simple. Any single piece bat is automatically allowed and does not need a USA Bat logo. Since all our bats, even our Little League CD1 and DROP 5 Series, are made from a single piece of Grade A Pro Maple, they are all allowed.

Now, which Sam Bat is best for you or your youngster? The two main options are the LLCD1 and the DROP 5 Series (SAM-5, KB-5, & MC-5). Both are great for varying levels and ages but typically the LLCD1 is geared more towards the 6-11 range, and the DROP 5 Series to the 11 and up range.

If you are starting to swing wood regularly, we would suggest the DROP 5 Series as it is the perfect transition into the world of wood.

When swinging wood, you will never see a 2 5/8 barrel as it would cause the bat to be extremely heavy. Picking the right bat is almost as important as the swing itself. Bats with bigger barrels will be more end-heavy, meaning they are much harder to control. Try to find a bat that has some balance and durability. The most common barrel size used in the pros is between 2.48-2.50, so don’t get caught up in the ‘bigger the barrel, the better the bat” and find what is best for you!

Set Your Own Records With a SAM BAT!

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