Why does my SAM BAT have an INK DOT on it? What does it mean?

The “ink dot test” for wood is not new, in fact it dates as far back as WWI! 

The test was developed to measure the straightness of the grain of hardwoods used for airplane propellers and has been used for decades. The straighter the grain the stronger the wood.  Sam Holman the Founder of SAM BAT is very passionate about aviation and was well aware of the cutting properties necessary to cut a great piece of “bat wood”. Sam took this into consideration when he was creating the first professionally approved maple bat. This special cutting, coupled with the drying process required is also why the best bat wood is so expensive.



The ink dot test is a necessary step in making sure that the bat you receive is the same quality as a bat that the pros would receive. The Ink Dot is required by Regulation on every Professional Bat produced by SAM BAT. We strive to maintain professional standards in every facet. The best Bat wood is cut or split to ensure the straightness of grain. This cutting and splitting is essential to the creation of a great bat. The straightness of the grain combined with the density of the wood denotes the overall strength of the bat.

For the “ink dot test” a single ink dot is placed by our professional staff on the bare wood of the bat approximately 12 inches up from the knob. If the bat is going to be painted a small diamond is placed on the bat so that the ink dot is not painted over. The angle of the grain is revealed by the ink following the grains of the wood, the results are then measured or “read” with a protractor. To pass the ink dot test and become professionally approved the grain must be at a slope less than 2.86 degrees. If you see a black ink dot on your bat then you can rest assured that professional grade wood was used to make the highest quality, most durable and overall great SAM BAT.

At SAM BAT we are committed to making the best quality bats for not only the pros but all of our customers!

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