What is SAM BAT Spring Cleanup?

At SAM BAT, we make thousands of bats.  Sometimes, an extra bat or two get made for an order. Sometimes, bats are painted or labeled differently than they should be for that order. To keep production moving, these bats often get put to the side, partially finished.
Twice a year, we take stock and finish these bats in order to offer them at great prices.
Spring Cleanup bats may:
- be painted differently than our regular version of the model
-not fit into our regular bat lineup
-be mis-engraved (product page will tell you if this is the case)
-have a decal or stamp instead of being engraved (most bats for Spring 2024 are like this)
-have an ink dot that is painted over
-be a wood species we don’t often sell (the product page will tell you if the bat is not maple)


The SAM BAT Spring Cleanup Sale is a good opportunity to get a SAM BAT at a great price!  Check out all the bats here:


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