Kaulin Sports

We are proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Kaulin Sports Co., Ltd in Taiwan! 

See more offerings from Kaulin here: http://www.kaulin.com.tw/index.html

For your custom SAM BAT orders, please contact Kaulin Sports!

Great pride is taken in producing our bats.  All Sam Bats are made at our factory in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada.  This is a town just outside Ottawa which is the Capital City.  

Sam Bat sources the best premier Pro grade maple wood for all of their professional players and our stock models. Our small team of elite craftsmen turn all of the bats for retailers and for our Professional players. As a customer you can be certain they are coming from only one source.

What makes a Sam Bat Special?  Sam created the first professionally approved maple bat. He changed the entire baseball bat industry in 1997.  The wood is assessed by each person at each stage of production. Wood is a biomaterial, no two pieces are exactly the same which is why this process is so important.  All of our bats pass through their hands, we believe in the positive transfer of energy.

Our small team of craftsmen Alfred, Scott, Paul, Robert, Darrell, Jason, John and Greg are experts in grading and assessing wood. All of our bats whether they are for a Pro Player or for a retail customer are made by this team.  Many of our staff have been with Sam Bat for the past 20 years, creating and crafting maple baseball bats for the best players in the World.