Sit Down with Demi Orimoloye

We took a quick minute to sit down with Team Sam Bat Demi Orimolye to talk about how he got into baseball, and what he looks for in a bat! 

You can follow Demi on Instagram @demiorimoloye and Twitter @DemiOrimoloye16


Where did you grow up and did you grow up playing baseball?  Does anyone else in the family play? Tell us a little bit about your family, brothers or sisters? Were they supportive?

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario & I started played baseball at 10 years old. Nobody in my family had played baseball before at that time so it was all new, just trying a new sport out. I have a little brother who also plays baseball now at university of Windsor. 


Any other sports?

I also played basketball, football, & ran track 


What made you choose baseball? 

Baseball was definitely the most fun for me because you can do so many different things. Hit homeruns, steal bases, throw people out, make diving catches.. best sport by far. 


When did you hear about Sam Bat and what made you join Team Sam Bat?

Heard about Sam Bat when I joined my first team after little league when I was about 14. Swung them during travel ball every year. And when I got drafted it only seemed right to sign with Sam Bat because they’re right by my home town in Ottawa.


What model(s) do you currently use and what length/weight?

I currently swing my own models I made DO1 & DO2. 33.5 inch 31.5 ounce


Tell us a bit about the model you designed

They both have kind of a 271 flared handle, the DO1 has a similar barrel to a 243 a little thinner, and the DO2 has a similar barrel to a 271. 




What do you look for in bat?

A bat with Balance & whip through the zone. 


What cup do you use and why?

Normally use a half cup, Feels balanced for me... sometimes use no cup which makes the bat feel more dense. But half cup is my go-to.


When picking colors, do you like togo flashy, or classic?

I like my bats natural and dipped a few times finished. 

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