The Beauty of the SAM BAT BP!

The SAM BAT BP Bat has taken the market by storm!

Our Sam Bat Team introduced the BP Bat several ago for 2 reasons; firstly to provide a great training tool for players at an unbeatable price, and secondly to educate players that lighter is not always better.

We get requests all the time saying that the order needs to be exactly -3, or “do you guys make -4 or -5 bats”?  Sure, we can make that, but at the end of the day you are losing a lot of performance, and a lot of durability with a lighter bat. 

The BP Bats are typically around the even, to plus 2 drop weight, meaning that if the bat is 32 inches it will be 32 ounces or slightly more. They are made from Pro Grade A quality billets, just like our pro bats. The only difference is that they come out of pieces that are too heavy to typically make a game bat.

Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not.

The heavier the billet, the denser it is. Density is one of the main proponents to durability and “pop”. The denser the wood, the harder it is. Period.

In Pro play, which is highly regulated, there are density limits that are in place to ensure a bat is not made of Low Density Maple (LDM). Even over the last few years, the education of players about density has greatly increased the number of ‘heavier’ bats used. In 2017, 27% of our Pro orders were for -3. For the year 2019, it was all the way down to 17%.

More and more players are going heavier. And more and more players are hitting more home runs. Jose Canseco was and still is a big fan of a heavy bat, so was Alfonso Soriano. In both of their cases they also preferred a longer length at 35 inches.

The SAM Bat BP Bat has been the perfect segue into using a heavier bat. Some players even use our Sam Bat BP Bats in games because they love the feel and pop of the bat. There is nothing to prevent you from doing so. Others have gotten over the need for a -3 bat, and realized that they can swing the BP just as well. Then they start with a -2, and work their way up to a -1 or an even drop.

Now, not every player should swing a -1 or -2. We always suggest swinging the heaviest bat that YOU can swing.  For some players that is still a -3. The great thing is that is where the BP bat comes in. It is a perfect training tool. Start using the BP for tee work, then soft toss, then front toss, and eventually you can use it no problem in regular BP.

Not only will this increase your bats performance, but it will build swing Strength, Bat speed, and Power!

Pick up your SAM BAT BP Bat today and Set Your Own Records!


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