What is a Cup?

What is a cup in a bat and what is the purpose?

At SAM BAT, our patented cup can make all the difference in having confidence at the plate. Unlike most companies, who just have 2 cupping options, we have 3; the no cup, half cup, and full cup.



The No Cup

The No Cup means that there is no indentation at the end of the barrel, only a very small recess as can be seen from the photo. Our “no cup” bats are not completely flat.

There are a few common misconceptions about the ‘no cup’ and what it does. Some people refer to it as ‘The Pro Cup’, which is actually misleading. During the 2017 season, only 20% of our pro orders had the no cup option.

The no cup is perfect for players who like the end heavy feel of bats. A 33/30 with a no cup, will feel entirely different than a 33/30 with a full cup. The center of gravity with a no cup gets pushed further away from the hands, causing the bat to be more end loaded. Typically we see heavier orders getting no cups. Drop 1.5 and drop 2s are common with a no cup because if you’re ordering a no cup, you most naturally are likely prefer a heavier bat.

The ‘cons’ of having a no cup are the loss in density and a loss in balance. A bat that has the same weight drop (in the same model) with a no cup, will have a bit less density than the same bat with a full cup. Some players also do not like the end heavy feel, and will drag the bat through the zone.

Pro Players that use a ‘no cup’: Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Santana, Orlando Arcia, Mark Canha, Luke Voit, Adam Lind.


The Half Cup

The ‘half cup’ is in between the no cup and the full cup (obviously) and is ½ an inch deep. The Goldilocks cup is perfect for players who want a mix of balance and barrel weight.

Typically half cups are ordered on heavier bats as well, with most being in the drop 2 range.

There are not really any pros and cons to the half cup, as it is right in the middle, so you get a mix of all benefits, but also don’t reach them fully.

Pro  Players that use a ‘half cup’: Chris Young, Jeimer Candelario, Melky Cabrera, Jason Kipnis, Alcides Escobar, Marcell Ozuna, Robinson Cano, Carson Kelly, Bryce Harper

The Full Cup

The ‘full cup’ is our most popular cupping option by far. Over 60% of our pro orders during the 2017 had the full cup.

The full cup is ordered on a wide range of bats. The heaviest to the lightest all can use full cups. The pros of the full cup are added balance, highest density, and a lighter swing feel. A bat that is a 33/30 with a full cup with feel significantly lighter than a 33/30 with a no cup, even though they are the same weight.

Players who like a balanced feel, or are concerned about density, would feel more comfortable using a full cup.

ProPlayers that use a ‘full cup’: Manny Machado, Welington Castillo, Avisail Garcia, Jose Abreu, Michael Brantley, Jose Altuve, Mike Moustakas, Alex Gordon, Joc Pederson, Giancarlo Stanton, Domingo Santana, Ryan Braun, Francisco Cervelli, Kyle Seager.



What Cup Should I Use?

The cup is a very personal opinion. There is no right answer and one is not better than another. After you find the model that is right for you, the cup is the next most important thing. If you like balance and swing speed, a full cup is best for you. If you like an end heavy feel and barrel weight, you should go with a no cup.  If you like a bit of both than a half cup may be best.

The main thing is that you have confidence at the plate because Confidence is Power, Set Your own records with your Sam Bat!


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