AZ in the 6ix!

There is no slow time here at Sam Bat, but there are exceptionally fast times. This week we were honored to be invited to an event with the Arizona Diamondbacks while they were in Toronto.

The event was hosted by Jeff and Julia Royer. Jeff is a General Partner of the Diamondbacks and lives in Toronto, so he decided to show the players a great Canadian event! He is an avid baseball fan and works in telecommunication, cable TV, medical devices, hospitality, and wireless equipment.

Sam was delighted he got to dust off his black dress overalls, head down the 401, and talk to some big leaguers about the origins of his company and how he changed the baseball industry from a bet in a bar.

The event was spectacular, extravagant, and scenic. It was on a roof top patio in downtown Toronto, with a perfect view of the CN Tower, and the Rogers Center, where the Diamondbacks were set to play the next few days.

After the drinks and food had been served our Founder Sam Holman and President Arlene Anderson gave a presentation on the making of Sam Bat. Joe Carter, who is currently the Special Assistant to the General Manager, was also the first professional player to ever use a Sam Bat back in 1997. In his first at bat he hit a grand slam!

The players and guests alike were all fascinated how a man from Missouri, wearing his signature overalls had changed the game so much. Sam was the first to ever make a bat out of maple and now over 75% of bats on the professional field are maple bats.

It was a fantastic evening and we would once again like to thank the players, the Diamondbacks personnel, and our warm and gracious hosts Jeff and Julia Royer.


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