Perspective on World Series Game One and Two

The Fall Classic is off and running, so far it has been “Classic”. This is why we play the game, why the fans bleed all season, what the players work for year after year; the chance to win the World Series. To hoist the trophy, get a ring, and call their city Champions. Now it’s here for LA and Houston, just 3 more wins and the glory is yours. Vets like Granderson and Verlander have played their entire careers without earning a ring, and now one will take it home.

The first two games of the series the Starters have been really putting their work in. All four have executed their game plans. In Game 1 Keuchel and Kershaw both went 6+ on the start. In Game 2 Verlander and Hill put in the innings that their teams have asked of them. The Dodgers plan is to get 4 from their starters then pass the rock over to their pen to finish the game. Verlander went deep going 6 innings for Houston.

When you mention going deep you cannot discount how important the long ball has been in this series. The 3 Home Runs in Game 1 accounted for all 4 runs in that 3-1 game. The 8 Home Runs in Game 2 accounted for 5 of 7 of Houston’s Runs and 5 of 6 runs of the Dodgers runs. All postseason we have been using the #Sambatlovesthelongball but in this series the teams are truly dependent on the long ball. It will be interesting to see how this series continues if the hitters start to miss the mistakes these strong pitching staffs make.

I would be remised if I don’t say anything about the opening ceremony of Game 2. Watching the legendary Vin Scully giving the color commentary turned every baseball fan into their 8-year-old selves staying up late in the summer listening to their radios and seeing baseball through the voice of Uncle Vin. Hearing “It’s time for Dodger Baseball” from Vin Scully, possibly for the last time, broke the internet last night. I cheered out loud in my own home watching the game by myself, as if I was sitting 3 rows behind the dugout. Following that with the absolute back and forth slug fest that started from the 8th inning on, made Game 2 that much more classic. We were treated to one of the most exciting world series games ever played. With the series tied 1-1 going back to Houston this series is going to be special.      

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