10,000 Swings

10,000 Swings

June 12, 2009

The launch of the RB8 bat provides Ryan Braun and Sam Bat with an outlet to help give back to the community. Sam Holman, Founder of Sam Bat and Arlene Anderson, President of Sam Bat are pleased to announce today their support of the Good Sports organization, a non-profit organization that strives to increase the physical activity of disadvantaged youth helping to lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles. Good Sports has launched an initiative to help reenergize youth baseball by putting 10,000 brand new baseball bats into the hands of disadvantaged youth who need it most. Leading off this initiative are founding partners of Sam Bat and Ryan Braun.

"I am thrilled to launch this product, the RB8 bat and in turn help children all across the country. Playing sports has helped me my entire life and every child should have the same opportunity to play the sport they love," says Braun.

Through its unique program that is focused on high poverty communities, Good Sports promotes sports and fitness participation among disadvantaged youth because it believes that access to physical activity is critical to the healthy social, physical and emotional development of children. Together with Ryan Braun, Sam Bat is donating 150 bats to launch the "10,000 Swings" initiative to ensure that baseball remains America's pastime.

Sam Bat has committed to support this program throughout the remainder of the 2009 baseball season by donation 10 bats for every home run Ryan Braun hits.

"Baseball is the great American game and we want to give back and to help those who are helping kids play the game," says Sam Holman of Sam Bat.

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