Custom B1

Custom B1
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Custom SAM BATs - ready to ship in 2 to 4 weeks
Your custom maple SAM BAT will take between 2 to 4 weeks to be created by our experienced staff. Each bat is carved to your weight specifications, cupped and painted by hand. Lastly the bat is lasered with your inscription and shipped. 

Profile Crossover
(custom BONDS old)

Originally Made For
Barry Bonds

Previously Used By
Barry Bonds

Currently Used By
Pete Kozma, Garret Gordon

The SAM BAT B1 is the original bat designed by Sam for Barry Bonds before the development of the 2K1.  The B1 features a unique flared knob with no edges, which is popular with many professional players.  The large 2.53” barrel gives incredible pop.   All SAM BATs are crafted from professional grade hard rock maple for outstanding strength, longevity and performance. 

30 Day Warranty from time of receipt of the bat. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee how the bat has been stored, used, abused, transported, etc..

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