Players' Weekend

Now in it's second year in 2018, Players' Weekend allows the Pros to show their colors and use paint designs that are not normally allowed on the field.  Last year we chose to highlight and honor our player's home countries:



Our Sam Bat Team were thrilled when one of our bats used by Jose Altuve was featured in the New York Times!  

This year, we have taken the country design a step further. Like most great design it was the result of a number of our staff putting their heads together. And like most things, some of the first cuts just didn't cut it. After seeing our designs hanging in the paint room everyone took a turn at giving them a critique. We are really pleased with the Team effort!  We do everything in house here at Sam Bat. The design, decal and custom paint job are all crafted in house by the Sam Bat team.


Every Players Weekend bat is expertly hand painted by Sam Bat staff.

A Players Weekend Logo can be ordered on any custom bat! 

Check out the drop down menu for your county logo!

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